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Pilots Aptitude Test


PILAPT is a complete test that helps in selecting the best pilots and operates through PC (computer based), without special installation requirements. Based on years of research, this test is designed to ensure that the various organizations and agencies can quickly and easily select the candidates who will become safe and effective pilots.

PILAPT has been used by military organizations and commercial companies since 1997. The continuous reliability ratification process of PILAPT, indicates a stable and accurate prediction on the performance of the pilots.

Today, the tests are used in twenty countries around the world and are internationally recognized as the best practice for selecting pilots. To date the PILAPT, has been used for the evaluation of more than 70.000 candidates, in 11 different languages.

PILAPT will not only save time and cost in the selection process, but also it will help you avoid wasting time and resources for training. In a demanding world for pilots, PILAPT® is an exciting choice for the airlines and flight schools which are seeking more advanced and accurate data to identify these pilots with the talent to become top performers in the future, with confidence.

Existing users PILAPT:

Pilot Training Centers:
In the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Middle East, USA

Select pilots for the Air Force:
6 air forces of NATO, in Asia, in South America

Airlines in Europe, Asia, Hong Kong, Africa, Middle East

Expression of interest:
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