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Cyber Security Services

Protection from Cyberattacks

Cyberattacks take place every minute of every day in every industry. Although the threat cannot be eliminated, we can help you assess and manage your risk. Using the latest technology, at PASS DEFENCE we offer 100% endpoint control, while there is almost no interruption in your work. You will soon realise whether your systems have been breached, where the violation occurred and what is at stake. Continuous monitoring of the threat enables the detection of imminent risks and the avoidance of a security incident without breach of data.

Intervention in Cyberattacks

It is important that organisations take action to address cyber threats and that an intervention and recovery plan is in place.

Our experts can help you with:

  • Contingency Plan.
  • Communications.
  • Analysis.
  • Minimize losses.
  • Improving procedures.
  • Incident investigations.
  • Restore and reset.
  • Modification of plans and procedures.
  • Staff adjustment advice.

Insurance against Cyber attacks

Companies need to protect their assets and trademarks against the growing scourge of cyberattacks. In partnership with Lloyd’s Insurance Company, we offer the best in its classification rating on cybersecurity insurance.
The innovative insurance solution incorporates cybercrime resources into a system that helps identify vulnerabilities and strategies to minimize impact and motivate cybercrime management.
This process helps to create organizations that are safe and resistant to cyber attacks.
Our approach recognises specific threats and enables corrective measures to be taken to reduce the risk that premiums may reduce.

Cyber Attack Training

Protecting an organization against cybercrime is everyone’s responsibility. We provide training to help create a culture that guarantees cyber security and complies with practices that minimize risks. We consider education necessary at all levels.

Our procedure:

  • Helps the Board and Board members understand the critical concepts of cyber risk management and lead the organization to a culture of resilience to cyberattacks.
  • Provides technical training and certification programs for IT executives in cyberspace.
  • Trains executives on how to implement cyberspace resilience in their areas of responsibility.
  • Provides training in risk avoidance practices for all end users.
Expression of interest:
Addressed to Public and Private organisations, PASS DEFENCE provides Defence Systems, Advanced Technology Security Systems against any threats, being one of the most reliable companies in its field.
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