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Microphone Deactivation Devices


Santor UNG52 Speech Protector allows you to prevent your private conversations from being recorded by voice recorder and microphones.

The SANTOR UNG52 Speech Protector is currently the most advanced device on the market to secure your confidential conversations when today, no one is protected by recorders or audio microphones (cell phones, tablet computers, digital voice recorders, wireless or wired). microphones, etc.)

During an important business conference, we need to ensure that your conversations are protected so that they remain confidential. A voice recorder could be used as a blackmail tool and can even ruin a reputation. Our system can be easily combined in any environment and allows you to have an extremely secure conversation with your interlocutors.

It is easy to use and connects to your mobile phone.

Ideal for placing in offices and confidential meeting rooms.

Sandor UNG52

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