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Defence Systems Support

Solutions for the Armed Forces, Police force & Private Organizations

PASS DEFENCE has complete automation and computerization, including direct access to all codified defensive materials and security systems of all NATO member countries via the NSN – Nato Stock Number and Part Numbers.

The PASS DEFENCE supports the Radar systems of the NATO Missile Firing Installation in Crete, the Super Puma helicopter, as well as most of the helicopters and airplanes of the Hellenic Armed Forces, at all levels of maintenance.

PASS DEFENCE has extensive experience in research, development and support for the defence of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) devices for military and civil applications. PASS DEFENCE supports the Hellenic Armed Forces, Police and private organizations both in Greece and abroad with integrated solutions.


  • Direct link to manufactures.
  • Integrated solutions.
  • Studies.
  • Total follow – up of contracts and deliveries.
  • After sales support.
  • Organization of trials, presentations and demonstrations.
  • Continuous modernization of the delivered systems, in order to fully cover the new needs of its clients.


  • Knowledge of our customer needs.
  • Planning to meet their requirements.
  • Production without mistakes.
  • Reliable materials.
  • Guaranteed operation.
  • Clear and adequate instructions.
  • Appropriate packaging.
  • Certified Training.
  • Effective Service.
  • Customer evaluation for further improvements
Expression of interest:
Addressed to Public and Private organisations, PASS DEFENCE provides Defence Systems, Advanced Technology Security Systems against any threats, being one of the most reliable companies in its field.
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