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Underwater services

Experienced and distinguished divers. High quality underwater services

Our company is in exclusive partnership with the company TRITON DIVERS GP undertakes the following diving works:

  • Ship Cleaning
  • Discolourations, marine and luxury boats colourations
  • Pipeline-laying
  • Port operations
  • Floating piers & extensions placement
  • Inspections cages in fish farms
  • Video
  • Hauling (wreckage)
  • Proofing
  • Underwater welding
  • Damage repairs
  • Marine anti-pollution service
  • General diving operations

Our team consists of divers, who have extensive experience and are well awarded, in the field of professional diving.
Our main objective is safety at work, combined with the provision of high-quality underwater services.

Expression of interest:
Addressed to Public and Private organisations, PASS DEFENCE provides Defence Systems, Advanced Technology Security Systems against any threats, being one of the most reliable companies in its field.
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