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UXO detection and disposal

Detection & Disposal Services of UXOs

PASS DEFENCE Ltd. is the only private Greek company that has experience in the field of detection and disposal of unexploded pyrotechnic mechanisms-ammunition / Unexploded Ordnance Devices – UXOs.

Until today, our company is the main supplier for UXOs and mines detection equipment to the competent Greek authorities, such as the Landmine Clearance Battalion (TENX), the EOD team of the Greek Army, Air Force, Navy and the EOD Squad (TEEM) of the Greek Police Force.

It is certified with ISO 9001:2015 for Space control assuring secure communication and trade of defense and security equipment and services & Demining services and survey for the detection and clearance of Unexploded Ordnance – UXOs.

Participates as an official subcontractor of the main construction companies in the competition of TAP (TRANS ADRIATIC PIPELINE) for checking existence of Unexploded Ordnance (UXOs) in the routing section in Greece (545 km) and Albanian area (210 km).

Expression of interest:
Addressed to Public and Private organisations, PASS DEFENCE provides Defence Systems, Advanced Technology Security Systems against any threats, being one of the most reliable companies in its field.
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